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"Our communication costs have reduced by more than 50% as a result of the automated messaging of ORBITRAX.COM to our Customers and Agents" (Curt MEISEL, Director, TOWN TO TOWN, Vienna, AUSTRIA)
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The APPLICATION LOG allows the users of ORBITRAX.WIN to directly communicate to the developpers.

It allows commenting the errors/misspellings/possible enhancements including all the necessary technical references in the ORBITRAX.WIN itself. A supervisor of the system can then at his will send that information to WQXS team including his own remarks on the comment.

In addition, filtering facilities and lists (either summary or detailled) helps to easily keep control of requested actions etc...

The debugging online help is meant to facilitate the debugging/enhancement of the application  using direct communication with the WQXS support team.
The  module provides an history of the application evolution release by release. This allows the tracking of new features as well as the corrections to reported bugs.  It also features a system that allows the final users to report comments/bugs/enhancement proposals, with precise localization of where in the application these comments apply to.

  • Application Version log: This sub-module shows what are the new/corrected portions of the application. It also allows an historical view of the application evolution. 
  •  win help Application Version log
  • Application log: The global view of the ORBITRAX suite of software and its implementation.
  •  win help Application log

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