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"Our communication costs have reduced by more than 50% as a result of the automated messaging of ORBITRAX.COM to our Customers and Agents" (Curt MEISEL, Director, TOWN TO TOWN, Vienna, AUSTRIA)
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Any Member of WQXS NETWORK has the following benefits:

  • Community: first of all, WQXS NETWORK is an Association of small and medium Express Operators who share a vision about their own business and the Express Community (see Profile of Members). As a result, they often discuss common issues and solutions. Furthermore, it represents a network of contacts all around Europe, Africa and the rest of the World !!

  • Application Software: Free use of all the software applications developed by the Computer Team of the Association (see description of software applications in "Products / Software Applications"). The cost of developing the software is shared equally between all members;

  • Standard operational codes: Standard Codes (ISO/IATA) have already been adopted by the Association and its Members to enable full data transfer;

  • Transparent Structure: The Association is managed by the Ordinary General Assembly and a Board of Directors appointed by the members. There are no hidden costs to the membership, once the budget is approved at the OGA they are set for the following year (see "About us / Organisation");

  • New members have access to ALL the benefits of the Association from the start;

  • All updates are available for free download....... there are no hidden charges for modules as they are available to ALL even if you do not need them!!!!

  • Support is available free of charge during working hours and is charged at cost outside working hours (see "Support");

  • Members can purchase Express Supplies bought centrally and sold at cost + 10 % - see Supplies proposed on "Products / Supplies".
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