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"Our communication costs have reduced by more than 50% as a result of the automated messaging of ORBITRAX.COM to our Customers and Agents" (Curt MEISEL, Director, TOWN TO TOWN, Vienna, AUSTRIA)
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Business Opportunities with WQXS NETWORK: 
Wink Starting an Express Business ?
If you are considering starting an Express Transport Company, WQXS NETWORK will enable you to start on the right foot with a complete software solution at an affordable monthly charge together with a network of friends in the Industry.

Tongue out Considering a change of Software ?
If you are considering a change of your Express software, then have a look at the solutions proposed by WQXS NETWORK. Our Computer Technical Team will be happy to assist you in converting / transfering the primary data from your current system to ORBITRAX.

Laughing Recommendation ?
If you know somebody looking for a new Express Management software, please contact WQXS NETWORK who will reward your introduction by a fair commission.
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