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"Our communication costs have reduced by more than 50% as a result of the automated messaging of ORBITRAX.COM to our Customers and Agents" (Curt MEISEL, Director, TOWN TO TOWN, Vienna, AUSTRIA)
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Today, WQXS NETWORK is the only independant and non commercial organisation providing software solutions to the Express Industry:
  • Support provided during working hours is free of charge;

  • New features proposed by Members are designed, developed and distributed to all Members at no extra charge;

  • There is no extra charge applied for individual Modules of the applications: all Modules are available to all Members;

  • The Members of WQXS NETWORK form a true Community of Users. All Members are equal and each has Voting Rights at the General Meetings in proportion to its Annual Contributions;

  • The Annual Budget of the Association is decided and approved by all the Members together at the annual General Meetings;

  • As a result, WQXS NETWORK is definitely not a Commercial Software house !! 
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