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"Our communication costs have reduced by more than 50% as a result of the automated messaging of ORBITRAX.COM to our Customers and Agents" (Curt MEISEL, Director, TOWN TO TOWN, Vienna, AUSTRIA)
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Organisation of WQXS NETWORK:

Legal  structure:
WQXS NETWORK is a non-profit international Association (AiSBL) incorporated under Belgian Law. It is not a commercial organisation ! 

Incorporation: WQXS NETWORK has been incorporated in March 1995 and has been approved by the Royal Decree of the 19/06/1996 (n° 7/CDLF/13.853/S). Registration n° BE 0459 119 806.

General Meeting of Members: The General Meeting of Members is held each year. It appoints the Board of Directors, it approves the Annual Budget and the Annual Contributions for the following year.  The General Meeting of Members is the most important body of the Association. All Members are equal and each has Voting Rights at the General Meetings in proportion to its Annual Contributions.
Board of Directors: The Association is managed by a Board of Directors appointed by the General Meeting of Members. The Board of Directors meets every 6 to 8 weeks. The Directors are not employed nor paid by the Association. The Board of Directors makes the day to day decisions concerning staffing, investments, etc.. within the guidelines set by the Budget.
Computer Technical Team: WQXS NETWORK employs a Computer Technical Team of 6 IT (Information Technology) engineers. The Computer Technical Team is responsible for:
  • the analysis and design,
  • the development of new Modules / functionalities (decided by the Board and/or the General Meeting of Members),
  • the installation of the applications for and with the Members,
  • the training of the staff of Members,
  • the normal support (during business hours: Mon-Fri: 08:30 - 18:00), and,
  • the hotline support (outside normal business hours). 
Financial Structure:
  • Annual Budget: The activities of the Association are financed by an Annual Budget (ca. EUR 300.000,- per year) which is proposed by the Board of Directors and approved by the General Meeting of Members.
  • Annual Contributions: The Annual Budget is financed by Annual Contributions proposed by the Board of Directors and approved by the General Meeting of Members. The Annual Contributions paid by each Member of the Association are set in accordance with the number of Users of the Applications developped by the Association with a minimum of EUR 576,- per month. The Annual Contributions of the New Members are set at EUR 576,- per month, irrespective of the number of Users.
  • Financial position of the Association: The financial position of the Association is healthy with reserves of ca. EUR 150.000,- at 31/12/2008. This results from surpluses accumulated since the incorporation of the Association in 1995.
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